V1.0.17 Update! Available now on Steam

Update Features

v1.0.17 represents a complete re-write of our underlying system.  We think it’s worth the wait!

See below for some of what’s new!


Break out the cupcakes! We’ve upgraded Orville’s engineering systems to include power allocation to major systems. Need a little more maneuverability to hug the donkey? We’ve got your back. More power to shields or weapons to fend off those pesky Kaylon? No problem. Need to get Bortus to his Jaloja’ on time? You bet. Use the engineeing station on the bridge or main engineering panels to choose between preset power modes, or use the console sliders to find just the right mix!

With great power comes great responsibility. We’ve expanded the repair system and integrated it into ship’s systems, expanding the number of repair points and organizing them by specific system. As the ship takes damage, you’ll see efficiency take a hit, and even see some ship functions go offline via status icons at various consoles. You can even fall out of Quantum if you don’t keep the rings powered up! You can choose to conduct repairs yourself by completing NEW minigames at the site of the damage, or you can deploy one of three repair teams from Bortus’ bridge station or main engineering to conduct the repairs on your behalf.

We’ve also completely overhauled damage effects to improve realism, and to adjust their complexity based on Visual Effects graphics settings. BOOM!


If you enjoyed building your own Quarters in the last release, now you can flex on your friends! Isaac has been researching some inter-dimensional technology and using the power of the Internet (via Steam Workshop) you can upload your quarters designs, browse others’ designs, or even subscribe to your favorite creators.

Upgraded characters

We’ve integrated Epic’s MetaHuman for Unreal Engine into our character system, allowing you greater flexibility in creating a custom character that matches your style. We’ve also massively upgraded our character animations so you can slide up to the bar or settle in for a nap as smooth as Yaphit going down a hallway! In addition to first person and third person mode, we’ve also added an RP Mode, accessible by pressing Z to give you complete control over how you play. 

We’ve also brought back NPCs!  You’ll find them working hard in the labs, relaxing in the mess hall, and just about everywhere else you might expect.  Nothing adds a little ambience like company!

Quality of Life Enhancements

We’ve implemented a number of enhancements to make this version the most immersive, interactive yet!  A few highlights:

  • We’ve reimagined the HUD to give you the info you need without cluttering up the place.  Still too much? You can turn it off with the click of a button.
  • Consoles on the bridge (and elsewhere) have been re-imagined to integrate game functions directly into the Orville UI, and utilize animations and interactive bits and bobs to improve realism.
  • Weapons now require ammunition.  Pick up more in the armory, and store it in your inventory until you need to reload.
  • We’ve added an F1 help key to remind you of common things you can do in the game. 
  • Our redesigned Main Menu sequence includes a gorgeous new exterior ship model!
  • We’ve made it even easier to interact with doors and props


Even more Orville-y goodness in this version, including:

  • You can now explore Union Station! A new “dock” command has been added to the helm that will enable when you fly close enough to the docking arm. Once docked, you can exit the ship via the starboard airlock on E Deck, and meet your friends for a drink in the beautiful new Union Station lounge!
  • New Science Spaces, including the Particle Physics and Geology Lab have been added to Deck H.
  • Explore near or distant star systems in Stellar Cartography on B Deck Forward. In addition to being beautiful, you can use the central console to call up details of home, or even study random sectors across the galaxy.
  • The Planetary Union Council Chambers as a stand-alone level accessible via the Main Menu.  Now you too can stand and profess your admiration for Dolly Parton, and convince the bureaucrats to sign that peace treaty!
  • A Set Tour level from the main menu for die hards who want to explore the physical shooting set on Stage 15


Not only is this version chock full of new musical compositions created by the super talented Patrick Phillips, we’ve also added a music randomizer to let you enjoy a mix of Patrick’s genius as you explore!  New music includes:

  • New music on the Main Menu Sequence as well as the Combat Training Lobby
  • New music for the Mars Space Location
  • New battle music
  • New music for the Krill bridge in the E-Sim

Note: v1.0.17 will be the last release using the S1/S2 Orville design.  Stay tuned to see what we have in store for Season 3: New Horizons!