V1.0.13 Update! Available now on Steam

Update Features

Quantum Drive

It’d take a looooong time to get to different star systems without Quantum Drive, so take the navigation station on the Bridge and make it go!

Ship Weapons

Now that you can explore more thoroughly with the Quantum Drive, you need a way to defend your ship. From the helm station you now have full control over the forward-facing plasma weapons.

New Rooms

Several new rooms have been added to the project, including Mooska’s Restaurant, several new Enlisted crew quarters and Yaphit’s quarters.

Kessler Syndrome

The asteroid space location has been completely overhauled. It looks pretty, but be super careful knocking or shooting at the asteroids, because you might cause an uncontrollable runaway cascade of destruction!

Unexplored Sector

Fancy a bit of a ship-to-ship battle? Well check out the new ‘Unexplored Sector’ through Quantum Drive. The voice of your conscience awaits!

Lieutenant Dann

You can now play as everyone’s favourite Lieutenant. Sweetness!

New Original Music

Many new unique musical pieces are in the project and are triggered based on various events, composed by the talented Patrick Phillips for the project.

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