V1.0.16 Update! Available now on Steam

Update Features

One of our biggest updates yet! Brand new Combat Training mode, Crew Quarters Customisation, way more of the ship to explore and the gloriousness of Nvidia DLSS 2.0! Presenting v1.0.16!

See below for some of what’s new!


Test your mettle against an alien invasion force! Play as either the Planetary Union or the Krill in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag modes, both in online multiplayer and singleplayer vs AI bots. Includes six maps (Union Highrise, Refinery, Alien Mothership, the derelict USS Avalon, Krill warship, and the mirror universe Freighter!


Join the crew, complete with your own customized crew quarters! Claim your choice of vacant quarters on Deck D, choose a floorplan, and consult your trusty datapad to select from a large assortment of furniture, decor, and more. Lay them out to fit your personal style, and save your creations for recall in a future game session! We’ve even added a handy-dandy tutorial to help you get started. We’ve thought of everything!


The Environmental Simulator has been completely restyled, with new UI that supports loading and unloading programs from outside AND inside the simulator room. Choose from a library of available titles, or find and install custom sims Bortus-style using the interior panel (using our brand-new inventory system)! We’ve also added two additional Simulator locations around the ship, new interactive elements in the Bowling Alley simulation, and a new program for you to find and enjoy!


You can now earn achievements (and in-game rewards). To start you off, we’ve added three achievements we’re calling “Hugging the Donkey”, “Ambush”, and “Firestorm”, plus a special hidden achievement!


Ray Tracing performance should be greatly optimised over previous versions, bask in the glorious FPS! We’ve also added support for NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS 2.0) and RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI) technology for cards so equipped. We’re bleeding edge! If you’re not, don’t worry – we’ve improved our level streaming and added a ton of optimizations to keep FPS as high as possible.


We’ve added lots more Orville-y goodness to the ship, including:

  • Enhancements have been made to Isaac’s lab on Deck B. Exercise caution — there’s a 20% chance that the fate of Earth will fall on your shoulders!
  • New Science Spaces, including a Medical recovery room, Soil Analysis, Sensor Control Lab, and a Biolab complex for studying alien creepy crawlies
  • New Engineering Spaces, including Plasma Injection, and Plasma Cannon Control & Firing Chambers
  • Primary Airlocks added to match the ship design, along with nearby security stations, and EV Equipment Rooms (EVA not included)
  • Deck D Buildout to support Quarters Customization
  • Expanded family spaces on Deck C including childcare facilties, primary school and multipurpose classrooms, and a teacher’s lounge
  • Additional lounges and recreation spaces for the crew
  • Expanded Deck J and extended to Deck K towards our goal of a fully realized, interactive environment.


No new update would be complete without new musical compositions created by the super talented Patrick Phillips!

  • New Combat Training music guaranteed to get your heartrate up.
  • New music added for the Krill Ship