V1.0.12 Update! Available now on Steam

Update Features


Step into the body of your favourite character! The project now supports Virtual Reality via both the Oculus SDK and SteamVR. Currently only single-player is available, but full cross-platform multiplayer support is in-progress.


Walking around an empty starship can feel a little lonely sometimes, so we’ve added a first iteration of our NPC crew. They’re a work-in-progress, and will be expanded over time.

New Rooms

Several new rooms have been added to the project, including the ships Armory (on Decks A and E), 3 Brigs (on Deck G), the Chief of Security Office, with working security cameras, and an expansion to Main Engineering.

Flyable Shuttles

What use is a shuttlebay without some flyable shuttles? Go for a joyride in local space in one of the ships shuttles, but be careful when re-entering the bay, you don’t want to scratch the paint! The shuttles fully support multiplayer so if dogfights are your jam, have at it!

Shuttlebay V2

The shuttlebay itself has been completely overhauled and should be far more accurate to the show, with the Upper-level control room now available so you can sit back and watch the madness taking place in the bay below.

New Playable Characters

You can now play as a Krill and bring glory to Avis! Or suit up in the Planetary Union EVA suit, which in future updates will be required for some Extra-vehicular antics!

New Original Music

Many new unique musical pieces are in the project and are triggered based on various events, composed by the talented Patrick Phillips for the project.

More Space Locations

Several new space locations are available to start your adventure in, including several Solar System planets and even an interstellar black hole! Many more to come.

Overhauled Menu and general UI

The Menu and general UI have all been overhauled to be more straightforward, and better match the aesthetic of The Orville.

Quick Session Options

The all-new session options will allow you to carry out quick actions in Single Player, and also if you’re hosting a multiplayer session. Is there an unruly player replicating too many bananas? Teleport them to the brig so they can think about what they’ve done.

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