V1.0.14 Update! Available now on Steam

Update Features

Our biggest update yet! With hundreds of bug fixes, quality of life improvements, new enhancements and overhauls of existing systems, The Orville Interactive Fan Experience has never been so Sweetness! (editor note – that doesn’t work.)

See below for some of what’s new!

RTX Raytracing

If you’ve got the rig for it, then you too can bask in the glory of realtime raytraced shadowing, reflects and ambient occlusion. It’s like real life, but on a computer screen!
We’ve also added a new adaptive scaling system that you can use in order to squeeze every last frame out! This is also useful for people that aren’t using raytracing. Go get those extra frames today!

More New Rooms

What’s the point of having more decks and hallways, if there aren’t any new rooms attached to them?!

  • Relax in the beautiful, peaceful Arboretum, whilst you ponder how on Earth there’s sunlight streaming into the middle of a starship..
  • The Comms Array Room is available on G-Deck, featured in the Identity 2-parter on the show. This tech-infused space will form the basis for our upcoming access tube system.
  • Whilst the Arboretum is great to stare aimlessly at plants, there’s no better place to perform all those scientific experiments on plants than in that Botany Bay. It’s a bay you see, and it’s for botany. Any other reference is entirely unintentional.
  • Too many Xelayan Cheesecakes? Work off those calories in the newly added Gym. Note, you can not currently work off any calories, you can just look at the new equipment and go ‘huh, cool!’
  • A huge Cargo Bay has been added to E Deck. Ever wonder where they store all the shuttles, this is where! And the chairs… chairs everywhere!
  • The First Officers Quarters have been added to match what we see on the show. Also featuring the overly-friendly Groogen, he likes to look at you. a lot.
  • Port and Starboard Airlocks added into C-Deck Upper. Especially fun in multiplayer, because they actually work!
  • New hallway designs and rooms added on the Engineering deck, aiming for a more industrial/utilitarian aesthetic, because all that high-tech equipment would just rip the carpets otherwise.

Playable Tharl

We don’t know what species he is, but honestly, we like the guy. Now you can play as Tharl and ponder exactly how that nose/trunk thing actually works.


Fully multiplayer-compatible, you can now emote in several different ways. Point, facepalm, dab, dance, flex, salute… go crazy with the endless fun of you and 14 of your friends all pointing at each other for hours.

A hugely expanded ship

The interior of the Orville has been massively expanded, about 3 times as much space to explore and sprint headfirst into walls as in our last release. Do be aware though, you’ll get lost easily. We developed it, and we get lost! A minimap will be coming soon to help you maintain your bearings.

Internal Damage System

I wouldn’t recommend ramming The Orville into the Union Dockyard any more, you’ll scratch the paint.

Our new internal damage system will alter the structural integrity of the ship as you incur more damage, with consoles exploding, lights overloading, and bringing general anarchy. Wonderful wonderful anarchy.
Note: You can’t blow up the ship yet, in case you were wondering… yet…

Bridge Video Screen

After a long days tomfoolery, there’s nothing better than taking the Captains chair on the main bridge and watching your favourite Youtube video on the brand new video screen. Accessible via the Session Settings and fully multiplayer-compatible, get your movie night started today!
Note: this doesn’t work with Youtube videos that don’t support autoplay or embedding, not our fault though, honest!

The Leviathan-class Starship

Our new Leviathan interiors, featured in a recent Youtube video aren’t quite ready yet, but you may find the ship herself looming out in space, somewhere. It seems that she’s been abandoned.

Krill Shuttle

Not yet flyable, but darn pretty! You’ll find the new Krill Shuttle soundly sleeping in the Cargo Bay, along with the new interiors for our Planetary Union Shuttles. If you haven’t guessed where we’re going with these developments, wait and see!

New Original Music

Many new unique musical pieces are in the project and are triggered based on various events, composed by the talented Patrick Phillips for the project.

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