The New Horizons Update! Available now on Steam

v1.0.17.5 Update Features

A complete visual overhaul of the project to match the updated look in The Orville: New Horizons.

See below for some of what’s new!

More than just a new paintjob!

The Orville: New Horizons introduced a completely overhauled look for the interior of the starship.

This is our interpretation of those changes, including –

  • A simplified internal layout. Were you getting lost? Didn’t know where to go? Well now it should be a little easier to get around, and a little harder to hide away from Admiral Christie!
  • Entirely New Engineering room, including the wondersome Quantum Core. Bask in the glory of the rotating sphere of beauty!
  • Astrophysics Lab. It seems that Isaac outgrew his old lab and now spends most of his time in the beautiful new Astrophysics lab down on the lower decks of Deck K.
  • The Main Bridge didn’t escape an overhaul, more blue lights! New command chairs! New display panels! What more could you want?
  • The Shuttlebay and new Shuttle! We bid adieu to the bubble-shuttles of olde, and welcome the expertly designed new Planetary Union shuttles. Why not take one for a spin?
  • No more carpet and padded square walls in the hallways!  Time to get some good insoles!
  • NEW MUSIC from the amazing Patrick Phillips, including a new main menu sequence!

SEPTEMBER Update (v1.0.17.6)

We’ve made a number of performance and aesthetic updates to our New Horizons release, including:

  • Boosted helm performance to improve donkey hugging at normal power allocation
  • Fixed issues within the bridge navigation station affecting Quantum Drive usage
  • Fixed room loading/unloading issues, NPC spawn issues, and external window issues
  • Improved lighting (including alert lighting) throughout the ship
  • Fixed repair system issues, and improved the overall repair mini game experience for low graphic settings
  • Fixed e-sim chip functionality issue
  • Fixed music not obeying volume controls in certain circumstances
  • General cleanup of the mini map and room labels to make finding things easier
  • Cleaned up a variety of mesh and panel issues throughout the ship

What’s next?

In our next release, we say goodbye to Unreal Engine 4, our trusty friend (even though we argue sometimes) and move over to Unreal Engine 5. Please do make sure that you can meet the minimum requirements for UE5, as they’re quite a bit higher than UE4. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!